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 ✔️ Intuitive Eating and Diet Culture
✔️ Equity for All Bodies
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✔️ Energy Healing & Spiritual Solutions
✔️ Real Self Care Routines & Practices
✔️ Midlife Body Image
✔️ ️ Eating Disorder Prevention
✔️ Confidence Codes
✔️ Soul Language Connection
✔️ Pleasure, Tantra and Sexuality
✔️ Burlesque and All-sizes Pole
✔️ Boudoir & Photography
✔️ HAES & Loving your Plus-Sized Body
✔️ Subconscious repatterning
✔️ Embodiment With Your Voice
✔️ Homeopathy for Stress-less Embodiment
✔️ Meditation techniques
And so much more….
April 19 - May 2 2021
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